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National Detective Agency was founded in 1999 by Rupesh Kumar, a trusted and licensed investigator with over 10 years of experience. Today National Detective become Gigantic with over 5000 Private Detectives who Work All Over India.

Rupesh began his career in private investigations in 1988. As a graduate of the National Detective Academy, he learned how to conduct a wide variety of investigative techniques including surveillance, skip tracing, asset searches, background investigations, obtaining statements and more. Armed with this knowledge, he has successfully conducted over a thousand investigations.

Rupesh has quickly established National Detective Agency as one of the premier Investigation agencies in India. Individual clients, as well as respected law firms and other organizations have raved about the unrivaled services and attention to detail that National Detective Agency provides.

"Integrity is the foundation that this agency has been built upon," says National Detectives. "It is in the hearts of our agents, in the desires of our customers, and at the cores of our cases."

Customer satisfaction is something we take pride on at National Detective Agency. Delivering in-depth reports in a timely manner is the gold standard for our investigators. Over the years we have changed many lives and hope we can do the same for you. We have had many feel-good cases where we located missing persons and reunited families. On the contrary, we have also had many cases where we caught spouses in the act of infidelity. We will always uncover and report the truth, no matter how pretty or ugly it might be. At Private Investigator Agency we have provided our services to a variety of clients, ranging from individual clients to large corporations. Our experienced team is capable of handling assignments of any size or scope. Our clients can expect nothing less than the highest level of integrity, confidentiality, and productivity.

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